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Webinar – Privacy Laws – How and Why Cybersecurity is Related to Privacy

Explanation of Privacy, Privacy Law and Data Protection Law
Brief discussion about U.S. Federal Privacy and Data Protection Laws
Brief discussion about important State Privacy and Data Protection Laws
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)
New York Privacy Act
Other State Data Breach Laws
Brief discussion about EU Data Protection Laws
EU Cookies Directive

Understanding your clients by a Using Business Impact Analysis

Every client today has some amount of cyber security risk - some clients have minor issues, while most have major gaps - and don’t even know it. For 30 minutes, we will discuss how to quickly and efficiently identify risks, communicate with your clients the why’s and...

Creating a Compliance Process

Morning chat with Steve about our upcoming webinar Creating a Compliance Process Most MSP SMB customers have little or no idea why security compliance is important, even required, and why they should pay for it. More than just filling out forms, security compliance is...