As MSP's we've talked about getting your house in order.
We are rolling out the next phase of the compliance tool kit with our training, tools, and standardization on CMMC Framework.
What’s included?
LIVE Instructor lead coaching
— Access to the online Stoplight Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) tools
— Compliance lifecycle guidance
— Private #slack workspace for communications
— Expert guidance on policy creation, management, and lifecycle
— Individual control list worksheets
— Curated control list from CMMC
— Assessment guidance
— Weekly ‘homework' and tasks
— Twice a month peer calls/check-in
— Private #slack workspace for communications
— You will dedicate 1-2 hours per week working on the ‘homework'
— You will make it a priority and block time on your calendar
— Commit to the 90-day process
— A deeper understanding of your security posture
— A completed control gap analysis
— Your defined policies and procedures
— A more mature and secure MSP culture