Virtual Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) Course

$2,500.00 – Executive Class: Virtual / Online
5 Week Course: Two evenings per week, Starting September 12th, 2022
40 hours of material
Content: Certified Professional (CCP) CMMC-AB Approved Training Material (CATM)
Two module launches a week for five weeks with office hours
Schedule Monday & Wednesday at 6:00pm
Office Hours Tuesday & Thursday @8:00AM

  • Module Zero – Intro – What to Expect
  • Module One – Intro to CMMC
  • Module Two – History of Roles and Players of CMMC
  • Module Three – Securing Sensitive Data, CUI Scenarios
  • Module Four – CMMC & Ethics
  • Module Five – What is Scope?
  • Module Six – CMMC Methodology
  • Module Seven – Access Control, Asset Management, Audit & Accountability, Identification & Authentication
  • Module Eight – Awareness & Training, Personnel Security, Physical Protection, Risk Assessment, Security Assessment
  • Module Nine – Configuration Management, Maintenance, Media Protection, Recovery
  • Module Ten – Incident Response, System & Communication Protection, System & Information Integrity, Situational Awareness

Evening Executive Class: CMMC-AB Approved Training Material (CATM)
Five-Week Course: 40 hours of material
20 hours of evening instruction from a CMMC Certified Instructor (CI)
20 hours of self-paced learning
Optional office hours with the instructor
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Registration closes Aug Agu 15th


CMMC-AB Professional Number (CPN) Application:!/Certified-CMMC-Professional/Application ​Upon full registration, you will be assigned a CPN by CyberAB. ​ Please note: CCP course completion combined with a valid CPN is your ticket to the exam!